Energy harvester based on Terfenol-D for low power devices


Rising requirements for a new constructions, force engineers to monitor them all day long. An attractive solution seems to be applications of wireless sensors. However, there is a barrier limiting their application, which is the need to supply them with an electrical power over extended period of time without using additional wiring or batteries. The potential solution of this problem seems to be an energy harvesting. This paper proposes a new energy harvesting device based on magnetostrictive material. In the course of the experiments with using Terfenol-D rods as actuators and sensors it has been shown, that the mechanical impact to the magnetic core based on Terfenol-D rod, NdFeB permanent magnets and coil set allowed to obtain an electric power signal enough to supply device of 100 Ohm load on their active state.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Engineering Sciences
Rafał Mech
Rafał Mech
dr inż, adiunkt